Items for the Troops

Gel insoles After shave lotion Toilet paper Small battery operated fan

Foot powder

Soap Baby wipes Eye drops
Razors Mouthwash Iinstant coffee Tea bags
Shaving cream Toothbrushes and toothpaste Small board games DVD's (not violent movies)
Shampoo T-shirts Magazines Disposable cameras
Conditioner Underwear Pocket electronic games Calling cards
Glad stick-ups Socks Dixie cups Small battery operated light
Scarfs Gloves Beanies Blanket
Big fluffy towel Batteries Sunblock Small sewing kit
Potted meats Chips (in cans) Eyeglass cleaner, wipes Paper and envelopes
Plastic container for above powdered drinks Breakfast bars, granola, power bars Beef sticks Cheese spread (no spray cans)
Instant meals in a package (cup of noodles soups, soft packaged tuna, pop tarts, etc.)
Candy, licorice, gum, snack mixes, pretzels, trail mix
Powdered drinks (Gatorade,  kool-aid, hot chocolate, etc.)
Toys (squirt guns, slinkys, etc)