Terry's 2014 MCA Edition V6

 It all began in May of 2013 when a decision was made between Ileine and me to reduce vehicle operating cost by selling my Shelby GT 500 and buying a V6, somewhat like Ileine’s car.
 So, I started to do some research on line. Thru the Ford website I began building my new 2014 MCA Edition Mustang. I was able to get everything I wanted plus extras by adding the performance package which came with larger brakes and wheels, heavy duty sway bar, and a few other things. The only thing I could not get was the stripe over the top of the car, but I was able to order the stripe kit and have the dealership install it. So after building the car online, I called Bill Stephenson at Ron DuPratt Ford. I told him what I wanted and sent him my order work up package. By working with Bill and Ron DuPratt, I was able to sell my Shelby thru them. In September of 2013 my brand new 2014 MCA Edition Mustang arrived. I was so excited that I could hardly wait to see it, but I still had to wait for a couple of more days. It had to go to the shop to be detailed, and the stripe kit put on. Finally the car was done. Bill called me and said, “Come and get it, its ready!” Ileine and I got in her car and drove up to Ron DuPratt and there it was sitting up front. WOW! What a beautiful sight! The stripe over the top really made it stand out. What a great day!