April 2016

by Dan McCabe

It is sort of a given that somebody will earn the H.A. Award on a long road trip as people tend to watch closer when you travel in a group. I was trying to be good but sometimes the little things get you when you least expect it. We drove our ’69 Mustang to Redding for Kool April Nites and I wore my most comfortable pair of shorts. (Comfortable means old!) At our lunch stop I made sure that I locked the Mustang and put the keys in my pocket. After lunch I started looking for my keys when Kirk Stafford asked if these looked familiar, holding up a pair of Mustang keys with a well worn tri-bar key fob. He found them on the ground about 10 steps from our Mustang. Norma put her hand in my pocket and her fingers came out the leg of my shorts. My keys had fallen out through that hole in my pocket. I knew right then Kirk would nominate me for my Holey Pocket at the next meeting