Aug 2016

by Tim Leathers

It all started July 7th at the Robinette’s home in Napa.  I was there to run the GHMC board meeting.  Everyone was in attendance and the food was wonderful and we had a productive meeting as always. 
Dennis was planning on an extended vacation and asked me if I would hold on to the checkbook in case the club needed to write a check as he was planning on missing several meetings.  At the end of the meeting Norma noticed that I was just walking away from the check book and asked if I was forgetting something?  I told her,  “No”, as I went back to retrieve the check book.
The next morning I get a call from our club information chairman, Dan McCabe.  He asked me if I have the club checkbook.  I said, “Of course I do, what do  you mean?”  At this point, I felt that Dan was messing with me.  He said he received an e-mail through the club web site explaining that someone had our checkbook and that it was in Woodland.  At this point, I am starting to doubt if I had control of our checkbook.  I got the contact information and talked to the supervisor of the employee who found the checkbook.  Feeling horrified, I now called the employee and learned of his current location.
I met the person within the hour and thanked him greatly for getting the checkbook back to me.  I had to ask him, “Where did you find it?”  He explained that he found it in the gutter way up on Beamer Ave., on the North end of town, far from my apartment complex.  The only thing that I can think of how it happened was that when I got back to my home after the board meeting, I put the check book on the top side of my truck bed and when I got everything else on my shoulders to go up to the third level, I left the check book sitting on the side of my truck bed.  Somewhere between 11:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next morning the check book ended up on the North end of town looking as if it was run over.
I ended up talking the gentlemen into a cash reward which I insisted he take.  His plan, as he took the money reluctantly, was to buy beer for his crew after work that day.
I next quickly went directly to our bank and had someone help me confirm that no checks were missing in the series of checks that we are now issued and that no fraudulent withdrawals were made or have been made.
There is good in the world.  I have witnessed it.