Christmas HA Award Dec 2016

by Kirk Stafford

The Golden Hills Mustang Club annual toy drive was on Sunday, November 27 this year at the Foster Freeze in Vacaville. We had a successful toy drive with 161 toys col-lected for The California Highway Patrol ChiPs for Kids program.

Kathy and Bob Loya brought a Hello Kitty bicycle to the toy drive. They left soon after dropping off the bicycle. As some of us were talking about how some little girl will love getting the Hello Kitty bicycle for Christmas, I noticed something attached to the front wheel spokes. It was a store security device attached to the bicycle spokes with a cable. We were all shocked to see it on the bicycle and wondered how the bicycle left the store where the Loya’s purchased it without detection. Then Brian Evans came up with the most likely scenario. Kathy created a distraction in the back of the store so Bob could ride the Hello Kitty bicycle out of Walmart. Sounds logical to me. Can’t you just visualize Bob not being able to see well, but well enough to dodge all the other customers and the greeter to ride the Hello Kitty bicycle out of Walmart while Kathy jumped up and down as a diversion. That is much better than the real sce-nario that the cashier forget to remove the security device and just waved the Loyas thru the security towers as they alarmed. This HA Award nomination was presented and voted on at the Golden Hills Mustang Club annual Christmas party. Brian Evans was glad to pass the HA Award to the Loyas so he did not have to have it in his possession for an extra month. I hope we can continue to have HA Award nominations at future Christmas parties.