Feb 2016

by Paulette Rand

We’re having some remodeling work going on in our upstairs bathroom, and the only place to store the new tub, toilet and other materials and tools is in the garage. So Bob has had to park his ‘89 in the driveway during this time. The driveway is curved, so backing my car out with his car there is tricky, to say the least….start backing out straight, then try to gauge when to start turning the wheel to avoid hitting the ’89, also trying to avoid hitting the side of the garage door opening. Like I said, tricky. Rearview mirrors help a lot, but this one time – just this ONE stinkin’ time –because I knew I’d have hell to pay if I hit Bob’s car, I didn’t pay enough attention to the passenger side rear-view mirror. I heard an awful CRUNCH, and sure enough, it hit the side of the garage and broke into hundreds oflittle itty bitty pieces. (Expletive deleted.) I was worried about telling him what I had done until I rememberedthat he had taken out two rearview mirrors, on separate occasions, (that means he did it TWICE!) while backingout of his side of the garage. So all he had to say when I told him was, “Well, I guess when I order my mirrors, I’llorder yours at the same time.” Whew! They arrived in the mail yesterday, all ready and waiting to be installed.Something tells me that just might be our next HA Award story!