Jan 2016

by Norma McCabe

Tony McGrath was nominated for leaving his lights on at the December Board Meeting which wasn’t an unusual thing, but his second transgression was something that doesn’t happen often in the garage – the place where cars should be kept- thus making it car related. He went out to the garage to get something out of the dryer and felt something brush against his ankle. Thinking it was a cat, he kept going only to look down and see it staring back at him and it began hissing loudly. It wasn’t a cat!! It was a possum! It chased him into a corner and up onto the dryer where he remained until the possum stopped hissing long enough for him to crawl over the washer and the sink and sneak back into the house. He made the mistake of telling Dan McCabe that he couldn’t call for help because he didn’t have his phone with him. Why was that? Because there were no pockets in his shorts! Sorry, Tony! In addition to the headlights, the mental picture of Tony perched on the dryer in his skivvies is what brought the majority of hands up when the vote was taken.