July 2016

by Dan & Norma McCabe

On the evening of June 28, 2016, we were in Medford, Oregon with the High Five Tour, instead of at the GHMC meeting, when the incident happened. This article could be called, “The Case of Two iPhone Cases” or “The Identical iPhone Caper.”
               After the excitement of the police escort to the Crater Lake Ford dealership and the presentation of the colors by the Old Guard Riders, there was a lot of standing around while the TV crews did their interviews and people signed the car. We had to keep pretty quiet so Dan motioned me over and asked me to go out to the car and get something for him. I patted my pocket to make sure I had my phone before I went out in the heat, and quickly returned with the business cards he had asked for. He had a stern look on his face and handed me what looked like my phone. (In fact, it was identical to my phone!) In a low voice he lectured me for leaving my phone on the Receptionist’s counter where I had been standing. I gave him a puzzled look and put the phone in my pocket. I then went over to find a chair and started to look at the pictures of this event that I had taken on my phone.
               I heard some commotion across the showroom and saw the TV reporter with a panicked look on her face searching for something on the counter. Everyone was getting into the act and looking all around, when Dan came over to me and said, “Where is that phone I handed you?” I reached into my right pocket and pulled out a white iPhone 6 in a purple case which was identical to the one I was holding in my left hand. I had never seen another case and phone combination exactly like mine! Dan grabbed them both and quickly went over to the frantic reporter and held them in front of her face. She shrieked, “Oh My Gosh, I’ve never seen another phone exactly like mine!” After determining which one was hers, she thanked him profusely.  He apologized and put the blame on me by telling her that I leave my phone everywhere and he always has to find it for me. When he asked her if he would make the 10 O’clock news, she said, “You’re already on it!”
               Unfortunately, we never saw the news that night, as the house where we stayed had the cable turned off, among other things. This incident was probably the funniest part of our trip and we laughed about it a lot. I told him I would nominate him and he threatened to nominate me. As it turned out, I think we both deserved it. The little horsy will be back home in our stable where it has been many times before and surely will be again!