June 2016

by Robin Paulsell

Those of you that attended the June general meeting already know the reason I received the HA Award. Those of you that didn’t missed all the stories so I’ll clue you in on all the details. When nominations for the HA award were called I nominated Danny Cordeiro for running over the sign marking the row he was going to park in on Friday morning at the Reno MCA National. Danny defended his assault on the sign saying the parking person guided him over the sign. When asked for any more nominations I again nominated Danny for being chased down by the Parking supervisor the next day on Saturday morning at the MCA National in Reno for cutting through one of the blocked off entrances. Danny defended his wayward entry saying he was just following someone else and the proper marked entrance had too long of a line. Yes, I nominated Danny for not one but two car related incidents. Once more nominations were called for and Danny made good on
his promise to nominate me if I nominated him. Danny nominated me for walking into the Ladies room after the awards ceremony at the Reno MCA National, an act that in no way involved a car. In my defense, I was simply following my boss one of the MCA Assistant National Head judges and I never actually entered the Ladies room itself. I did pass through the first open entry but noticed my mistake prior to passing through the second doorway into the actual Ladies room.
Apparently the club felt that my one non car related incident was more entertaining than Danny’s two car related incidents and I received the HA Award.