May 2016

by Kathy Loya

It was my first year of being the registrar for our 32nd Annual Biggest Little Car Show. I collected registration money, kept track of it all on a spreadsheet as it was received. This spreadsheet was the file to be used for a “mail merge” when it was time to send out the confirmation letters. “This will be easy” I thought to myself as I prepared to send out those confirmations. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Our internet was not working properly, which meant no WiFi and no communication between computer and printer. I finally got fed up, called AT&T, and got the problem solved. I did the mail merge, printed those confirmations and thought “all done”! Then I noticed some confirmations didn’t come out right….great. I thought I had gotten them all fixed, but no, I missed one (that I know of). Richard Hohas, Entry #8. He has a 1964 ½ convertible mustang. I listed it as a 1947 mustang!! I had to re-do some of the confirmations on the mail merge, as some weren’t merging properly. One of them being Richard’s. The year didn’t merge right and I had 1947 on a couple confirmations, including the right one. So I re-printed them a 3rd time, looked them over and all looked good, but I had missed Richard’s, which is the reason I was presented with this award.
Thank you to Norma McCabe for being a wonderful advisor! I couldn’t have done it without your help!