Mar 2017

by Pat Sivigliano

I was the recipient of the HA award at the March general meeting. Nomi-nation was made by Judy Davis via Ileine Burke. Judy ratted me out to Ileine because the incident happened at a time I was supposed to meet Judy to view a property and I was late. The story goes like this: I was staying at Gina's (my daughter) house, and Izzy (my granddaughter) couldn't get her car started to drive to school. Of course, Grandma volunteered to drive her in my car, which I did. It also meant that I would have to pick her up from school that afternoon. As the after-noon approached, I was with my grandson, Drew, at Frank Lopez' house. I got my keys and was ready to leave in my car to pick up Izzy, when Drew suggested I drive Frank's '68 Fastback. I said, "No, I'll just drive my car." But Drew persisted, "Wouldn't you rather go in style than drive a Nissan?" Well...OK. Frank handed over his keys, and I took off.
In order to get a parking space in front of the school, a person has to be there at least a half hour before school ends for the day. I got there "in style" and parked right out front. Waited, and waited, and pretty soon the ice tea I had been drinking all day kicked in. "Hmm," I said to myself, "I've got 10 minutes before school is out, so there's time to go in and use the restroom." With that thought I exited the car and as I'm used to doing in my Nissan, promptly locked the door. Oops! I immediately noticed the keys were still in the ignition. Now this was really a dilemma. I still had the "ice tea" thing going on, Izzy would be out from school in a few minutes, and the keys were locked in the car. I called Frank who drove down with Drew, and in the meantime I called AAA. Frank arrived first; Izzy and I jumped in the car, and while Drew waited at the car for AAA Frank drove me to Starbucks (don't ask, you know what for). When I got back to the car, Drew was a gentleman and waited with me. Soon, AAA arrived (yeah!) and solved the problem. Drew and I were on our way. I'm sure you can see that the whole thing was Drew's fault for coaxing me into driving Frank's car and Frank's fault because he let me drive it, oh, and of course, Izzy's fault, because I had to pick her up.