Oct 2017

byTammy & Mike Robinette

  We had planned a train trip with Kirk and Cheryl for September 9th, which did not go as planned.  First our departure time was delayed by 2 hours. Then when we arrived at 11:00 they stated that the train would be even later.  When they said 2-4 or more hours, Mike and I decided to drive to Reno instead.  (Kirk and Cheryl decided to wait for the train.)  We were in Reno before the Staffords even left Davis.  They got to Sacramento to find out that they were going to bus them to Reno so they did not get in until after 6:30.  We checked into the Circus Circus which we have never been to before, not knowing they had 3 parking lots.  We came through a green door, not knowing that ALL the doors were green.  Harold and Tory Joines joined us, and we all had a great weekend and enjoyed a show.  When it was time to check out and head for home, we went looking for our car.  Not knowing which green door to choose, we went through the first one and found it to be the wrong one, and proceeded to another only to be wrong again. We came back to the lobby and saw Kirk and Cheryl. They joined us finding the correct green door and our car.  Lesson for us, check your surroundings when walking through a green door in an unfamiliar place. That is how we got the Ha Award.