It seemed like a good idea at the time. When Clif Wilson showed us the HUGE trophy the club won at the Benicia Car Show, and everyone wondered who would have the honor of displaying or storing it, I blurted out, “We could use it as a HA Award of the Year trophy!” Everyone thought it was a great idea, and Clif ran with it, getting the trophy fitted out with a beautiful, brand-new, shiny “H.A.” So I printed all the HA Award stories from 2002 in the November issue of pony tales. At the Christmas dinner, Clif reviewed each story, and took a vote. The hands-down (or should I say the hands-up!) winner was Norma McCabe for trying to drown her convertible. Norma keeps asking me, “This was YOUR idea, wasn’t it?”  Dan has dubbed the trophy…well, ask him what he calls it….Norma’s mad enough at me already!!