Most of you know the story by now. The Veterans Day Parade was the first parade Bob ever participated in. In the past we’ve always been on the sidelines cheering during the parades. When we left the mall parking lot we got separated from the rest of the group and had to find our own way to our designated spot. Somebody who looked official asked Bob, “What’s your position number?” Bob answered “66”, and we were directed to our “spot”. Soon I got a call from Ileine Burke. “Where ARE you?” she asked. I told her we found our spot. She handed the phone to Paul Thoren and I gave him directions to where we were waiting. When everyone showed up, Paul looked at the number, and said, “This isn’t our spot! We’re number 39. Why did you think we were number 66?” Bob promptly pointed to the plastic number 66 on the Davies’ dashboard. “Right there!” Seems the Davies commandeered that number sign from Carl’s Jr.’s because their car is a ’66.
So Bob won the HA Award for November, which made him eligible for the HA of the Year Award. We thought Ileine Burke would win it, because of her escapade with her poor, helpless puppy in the back of the truck. In fact, I needled her all through the Christmas Dinner, asking her if she had enough room in the trunk to take the large trophy home. Imagine our complete surprise when Norma McCabe announced that BOB had won the HA of the Year!