By Gloria Leathers
About three weeks ago, Tim took his Mustang out for a spin and was going to
stop at the gas station. Tim called Gloria and asked her to open the
garage door because the car was acting funny and he wasn't sure if he was
going to make it home. The car was sputtering and the gauges weren't
registering anything. He wanted the garage door open in case he had to push
the car into the garage. When he got home Gloria asked him what was wrong
and he said "I changed the oil and filter, but I think I forgot to put the
oil in". Tim also said, "Don't tell anyone, they'll thing I'm a stupid

Apparently he didn't hurt the car. It seems to be running fine. He must
have used
some sort of miracle oil last time.

(And.........in a final twist of fate, irony etc. - guess who won the raffle
prize at the July GHMC General meeting that included a free oil change,
you guessed it....Tim Leathers!!!!!)