by Norma McCabe
For you long time members this will come as no surprise. Dick Pickering has “won” the prestigious HA award again. No, it wasn’t boat anchor or steering wheel related and it was not something that happened in the bathroom. It was camping related but he did not knock his trailer off the jack stands again. This time it was fire!
Dick was camping with the club at Lake Francis and trying to cook dinner for his family. His charcoal was not burning right and he asked if we had any extra. Dan told him that we had some in the back of the truck. He grabbed it and poured the contents on the fire without looking inside the bag. What he didn’t see was two bottles of lighter fluid inside. When he shook the bag vigorously over the BBQ one of the lids opened up and dripped on the hot coals. It went up like a roman candle! He was seen stomping on the bag like a kid trying not to get caught doing something bad. Of course, he had an audience who made sure the incident didn’t go unnoticed. We were all happy to see that the only thing that was hurt was his pride and some singed eye brows. Of course, Dick tried to blame it on Dan and the membership agreed Dan should take some of the heat as well. So Dan gets to carry the little horsy around this month for Dick. Since Dick & Kathy have moved to Quincy they weren’t able to come to the meeting to defend his honor. We do know that it won’t be long until our friend earns the award again - all by himself!