by Bill Watkins
One Friday morning I was driving to Stockton on Highway 113. Cruisin along without a care in the world when I noticed a car coming up behind me just after the s-turn near Campbell's Ranch. Being used to cars passing me all the time out there, I waited for this car to pass. Suddenly my phone rang, a voice said " nice day for a ride in the country" I said huh? he said look in your mirror, there was Greg Stevenson. We started talking on the phone, Greg said he was late for a Doctors appointment in Rio Vista, and then passed me. We kept talking as I watched him disappear into the distance, we talked about dinner we had gone out to and how the wife's were doing. As I crested the hill on 113 just before Highway 12, I was quite surprised to see Greg still sitting at the intersection, he must have been at least a mile or two ahead of me. As I pulled up behind him he asked "doesn't this light ever turn green" I said "NO" Greg it doesn't! thats a double Flashing Red Light, which of course is the same as a stop sign. He mumbled something about the traffic being heavy, and proceed into the intersection and onto highway 12. When I got home that afternoon I told Dion what had happened, She looked at me and said thats a HA offense. A week later at the general club meeting as the President called for HA nominations, a few people related their mis-adventures, I noticed Dion looking at me, I said "WHAT". She said "if you don't tell I will". I had forgotten. Feeling a little bad about telling on a friend I related Greg's tale. He was voted HA of the month and has a chance for HA of the YEAR.