By Ileine Burke

I guess I deserved this one... Here it is one more time for those of you whomissed it.. After the 3rd of July torch lite parade in Benicia we had dinner at Gracies in Vallejo. We were allowed to lock our cars up in a parking area across the street from Gracie's .... I had my cousin Carl and wife Helen from Montana...with me. I should be blaming this one on my cousin... but since he is not here to defend himself.... We walked across the street to Gracies to eat dinner after locking the cars up... Carl said he was a bit chilly.. so I tossed him my key's to go get his jacket from the car.... he started to go across the street and realized that the gate had been locked ... so he came back and apparently tossed the keys back across the table to me .. I must have been involved in talking with someone and dropped my keys down toward my purse which was on the floor...
When we got ready to leave... I could not find those keys in my purse anywhere.... Greg Stevenson even held a flash light over it while I looked for them.. NO KEYS were found, not in my pockets, not in the purse... For about what seemed like an hour we all searched for the keys.... Dan Cordeiro even had his friend dig through the dumpster looking for them.. with rib bones flying in all directions... poor guy.. I am so sorry about that... It's so good to have a webmaster who thinks about bringing an extra set of keys... He saved me that night by handing me the extra set with a stern DO NOT LOSE THIS SET warning.. Ok after driving home through awful traffic on I80 and thinking how stupid I am for losing the set of keys and how much it will cost to replace them... Upon arriving home I put my purse on the table and starting to take every thing OUT of it... AND LOW AND BEHOLD... in a pocket under a address book.. there were they were hiding in the bottom .... So lucky me we did not have to replace them and thanks to the club I was the recipient of the HA Award for misplacing them..