By Ileine Burke AKA "ROCKY"

                                               Three is a Charm they say!! I guess since I was awarded the  HA for having  encounters with rocks three times  it must be true then!  Let me take you back for those who do not know my history with Evil Rocks
1: April 2005: driving the brand new 05 on I-80 near the Cherry Glen exit 9:30 at night some not so nice person dumped a mess of gravel or small  rocks on the freeway and I drove threw them doing over $8,000 worth of damage to the exterior of the car....
2: While attending the International mustang meet in Great Falls Montana one of our Canadian friends wanted to have a drink at the dinner we were attending and said OH I will need someone to drive my car... UP went my hand so fast you could hear a whoosh of air. Getting into his beautiful classic convertible
 he says to me turn on the key!  I do as I am told forgetting to put the clutch in... rolling the car up over the parking barrier on to, you guessed it ROCKS
3: The Grand Finale, the EVIL rock that jumped out and rolled under the 05  on the way up the bear tooth pass in Montana Sept 7th . This of course is the LAST encounter with Rocks I hope to ever have. But of course there are those who will never let me forget.,..Thanks Dan and Kirk I hope my Montana Rock is my last encounter with a rock