By Kirk Stafford


This was a trifecta with three separate incidences that earned me the HA award at the November 2013 meeting.  Here are the three parts:

At the Sacramento International Auto Show, a highway patrol officer came by the GHMC/High Five booth and asked me my name.  After I told her, she said I had been clocked going 115 mph in the High Five Shelby.  I told her I had only gone 85mph.  She said I had to be hand cuffed, so she preceded to hand cuff me and put me against the Shelby in front of the public.  She told me I was a good sport about it.  What was I going to do, run?

At the Veterans Day parade, Danny and I were driving the Mustang Jrs.  I was weaving thru the GHMC cars during the parade and got stopped by a Fairfield Motorcycle Police Officer.  He smiled and told me to keep it under 2 mph.  Then he drove away and I sped off!

I turned in my GHMC renewal at the November general meeting.  I made my check out for $40.00 (new member fee) instead of $30.00 (renewal fee).   If I paid too much, maybe everyone else would also.   I was just trying to make a little extra cash for the club.

After a close vote by the membership present at the 2013 Golden Hills Mustang Club Christmas Party, I won the HA of the Year Award.  What an honor it is to be able to display this large trophy for one entire year.  I think I will just tell people that I won Best of Show at a huge National Car Show!