by Norma McCabe


The McCabes knew they were going to turn the H.A. over to Frank Lopez when Pat told them what had happened on their road trip to Oregon the week before the camping trip. Apparently Frank got Sir Lancelot’s big overhead camper hung up on a cement post at a gas station. They had to rock the truck back and forth while Pat pushed on the camper inorder to get it free. Little did they know that was just the tip of the iceberg for Frank that week? When they arrived at the campground, he drove straight into the campsite, rather that backing in which resulted in all of the water, electric and sewer fittings being on the wrong side of the camper. Draining the gray water was difficult and the black water was impossible so they had to drive to the dump station. Before they left camp on Sunday Morning they broke camp, changed their clothes and jumped in the McCabes truck to go to the little church in Dobbins for the 10:00 O’clock Mass. Ten minutes later they were back. Mass wasn’t until 1:00pm! Grumbling all the way back to their campsite, they soon were ready to head for home in Sir Lancelot. Because they were headed towards the back of the campsite and everyone else had left, Frank pointed the truck towards the road leading to the dumpsite and drove right into a picnic table pushing it all the way to the road. When we stopped him, he got out and looked behind the truck to see what the noise was. He never saw the table in front of him. However, his troubles didn’t end there. Pat later confessed that the visit to the dump station was like a scene from the movie RV, no description necessary. Let’s just say it was messy!