by Cristy Cordeiro


Well, it was a beautiful fall day, we were in the forest visiting a saw mill that runs 4 times a year using the equipment four generations have used. It was a very fun day. While walking back to our car, we saw that a Model A group was leaving. So we went over to watch them and reminisce about the Model A’s we have had. As we got near our car, Danny said “Cristy, why did you leave the back window open?” I didn’t leave it open, he had the keys… when we got near the car, he reached up and closed the hatch window, and there were 5 turtles of misc sizes for the family who owned the car…. Oops!

And, during the same month, we had traveled home from the Sacramento Auto Show with our convertible in the trailer. We went to South Vallejo to unload the car and disconnect and store the trailer. It was late, dark and we were in a hurry to get home for a trip early the next day. When we called home from Mexico to check on things, our  daughter Rachel, wanted to know why the trailer clips were on the bumper of the truck in our driveway (they were left there when we disconnected the trailer and then drove across town).

Not only did Danny win the Ha award for October, but he also won the Ha of the Year at the GHMC Christmas Party.