by Terry Burke

                                           Help!! We are stuck in the toll booth and can’t get out??

Well for those that have never driven in Ireland it is whole new experience. After a 7 day group tour in Ireland, Ileine and I planned a 5 day tour on our own by renting a car and travel-ing to places we wanted to see that was not on the group tour. Day one the day I was dreading, I walked down to the Thrifty Car Rental and picked up the car it was a very small car, a Mii whatever that is. I requested an automatic and GPS. I did get an automatic but the GPS was portable, was not too happy with that. After familiarizing myself with what I need to know to operate this car on the passenger side. I white knuckled it to the hotel to pick up Ileine and our luggage, getting the luggage it in the car was a challenge, but I did it. I set the GPS to take us to Ardee and stuck it to the windshield, off we went thru the narrow crowed streets of Dublin on the left side of the road. (this is all wrong!!) Oh what fun we are having now, we were doing ok until the port-able GPS fell off the windshield, it went blank but it was still telling us where to go and that was a good thing. We did get confused at one point, we stopped for a red light but there was a green arrow too pointing in the direction that we were traveling?? Not knowing what to do we stopped and waited. After getting honked at by a buss we figured out the green arrow means go. After getting out of Dublin I felt a little better about driving on the wrong side of the road and the GPS came alive visually again, Ileine had to hold the damn thing the rest of the way. Now we are on one of their major high ways (M1). Toll Road Ahead! Oh sh**! Now what? Well, we get there and I see a green X over a Toll Booth to go thru. We drive up to the toll booth, the arm is down, but no one is in the booth?? At the time we were the only ones there. That was a good thing because we did not know what to do at this point. I yelled for some help, but no one was there. I then decided to back out of there, so I did and then we saw it; - the net basket where you throw your 1.90 euro’s in! I dug out the money (good thing I had the change), threw it in the basket, the arm went up and off we went.