Christmas Dinner/Party at The Napa Elks Lodge
Dec 17, 2016

Miki Medina and Tim Leathers Terry and Ileine Burke Cheryl and Kirk Stafford
Elise Stevenson Cristy and Dan Cordeiro Norma and Dan McCabe
Judy and Bill Davis John and Lisa Rose Eugene Wasylina and Sue Calvert
Laura Mize and Vickie Schneider Kitty and Mikal Brevig Katherine and Robert Loya
Tammy and Brian Evans Liz and Eladio Tunac Dan Cordeiro and Kirk Stafford
Sally and Robert Fentress Christine & George Pezzolo Lisa and Pete Mitsopoulos
Tammy and Joseph Holecek Dave and Sandy Silveira Brenda Romero and Robin Paulsell

Kirk Photo Bombing Tori and Harold

Tori and Harold Joines Robert Davis
Dan, Terry and Kirk Dan, Terry and Kirk cracking up Michelle, Ileine, Cheryl, Elise and Cristy
Cristy Cordeiro , Ileine Burke and Michelle Bauer Ileine Burke, Kirk and Cheryl Stafford John and Lisa having fun
Jake & Peggy Mathews George, Christine Pezzolo and Peggy, Jake Mathews Terri and George Downs
Donnell and Aurika White
Terri and George. Check out Georges shoes
Dans ready to eat
Dan McCabe and Dave Silveira showing off their Trump ties
Georges mime pose Nice Glasses Kirk
Nice smile Cristy Michelle and Mom Ileine Kirk's quest to find the right pair of glasses
Michelle and Cheryl selfe Kirk and Dan getting started Tim Thanks past Officers and Board Members
Dan presents Tim with gift Tim Leather Thanks to all Tim Leathers turning over the presidents job to Robin Paulsell
  Robin Paulsell Thanks to all  
  Brian Evans HA award of the year Winner  
Golden Hills Mustang Club Officers and Board Members for 2017
Photos By
Terry Burke
Cheryl Stafford